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The Feast..

The secular party of Madonna della Bruna, protector of the city of Matera, begins with procession "shepherds" with which the old neighborhoods wake up at dawn to greet the Picture of the Virgin, whose passage is announced by barrels pyrotechnic. Meanwhile, Knights, basis of car processional, gather along the streets and in the "neighborhoods".

As tradition, the morning of the 2 July the statue of Mary. is brought into the church Piccianello, only to be carried in procession on the float all afternoon along the main roads filled with people, until you arrive in the evening in the square of the Cathedral where they turn "three laps", symbol of taking possession of the city by the SS. patroness. The statue, accompanied by the Archbishop, will be placed in Cathedral.

The wagon is surrounded by "Knights" harnessed horses with paper flowers and velvets, charioteer urging the mules towards the square a few hundred meters, to return to the crowd that had gathered there the symbol of the party. With the same secular rite then, the popular soul exalts confusing the sacred with the profane and, the general astonishment, in a blaze of mass, the result of a chariot craftsmanship of months, is attacked and destroyed (will be designed and rebuilt the following year).

The festival ends in the late evening in the din of a competition of fireworks that create a unique setting on the old quarters of Sassi, considered by UNESCO, World Heritage.

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The Association of Mary. Bruna has, the Board of Directors, the delegates of local institutional bodies..

The Knights

Already in 1698 appear for the first time soldiers on horseback, brought in from different countries to escort the wagon..

The Brotherhood

The origin of the "Brotherhoods", according to today's historiography, dates back to the Middle Ages. That, fate with a variety..

The Triumphal Chariot

According to the documents available, that the first tank has been set up in 1690 by carpenter Traietto Leonardo..