Appointments 20 and 28 May 2016

s_eustachio_2016_maggioSant'Eustachio are the family martyrs

At the Basilica Cathedral, Friday 20 May, will take place on the May celebrations in honor of Saint Eustace are the family martyrs – patron of the city of Matera from May of the year 994.

The celebrations are organized by the Executive Committee of the Association Maria SS. Bruna and the Brotherhood of Saint Eustace.

locandinaIII literary competition “Poets in Festa”

At the Palazzo Lanfranchi Levi Hall, Saturday 28 May 2016 at 16.30, will take place the awarding ceremony of the 3rd literary competition “Poets in Festa”. The competition is open to pupils of primary schools in Matera and is among the most important activities and engaging in related “La Festa della Bruna con gli occhi dei bambini”.

Occasion, the professor. Vitelli Franco University of Bari present the book “The rispir du vicinonz”, a collection of dialect poems by Franco Palumbo and fable “The colorful hug” the writer Elena Marotta with illustrations of the painter Barbara Vecchietti.

S. Eustace and martyrs Relatives 11-21 September

Celebrations in honor of S. Eustachius

sant_eustachioThe Association of Mary. Bruna, Also in the current year, will be organizing the festivities in honor of S. Eustace and family martyrs, patron of the city, which will take place from 11 to 21 September 2014.

The cult of S. Eustace and his family martyrs has ancient roots; according to some historians, i chose Matera S. Eustace as protector of the city in 984, when the Holy, invoked by the population hungry Matera, freed the city from the Saracens, which occurred on 20 May of this year. This date was later moved to 20 September to allow farmers, engaged in the month of May in the work of the fields, to join the party in honor of the Patron Saint. There are numerous depictions of the Holy, belonging to various eras, present in Matera, but many are also works from artists such as Perugino and others scattered in Italy and in the world.

Citizenship Matera, fascinated by the life of the saint, and mindful of the many miracles performed, including deliverance from the plague that struck throughout southern Italy in 1656, asks today, Handsfree, to honor the saint and with religious rites, that those civilians. This year the festivities in honor of the patron saint will be advanced by the solemn novena, which will begin on September 11 in the Church of S. Francis of Assisi, and will end on Friday 19 September with the celebration of Holy Mass, which will take place in the custody of the children who bear the name "Eustace" and renewal of marriage vows of the 25th and the 50th anniversary, with delivery of a scroll remember.

This is the link of the COMPLETE PROGRAM celebrations.

The Chairman of the Committee

Dr.. Vito Domenico Andrisani

Feast of Saint Eustace

seusProgram of the celebration in honor of Saint Eustace, Martyr Patron of the city of Matera

We inform our readers that today, 15 September, by the Executive Committee Maria Ss. Bruna and St. Eustatius – Brotherhood Sant'Eustachio, begin the festivities in honor of S. Eustachius.

We invite and encourage you to a warm participation, following the program:

15-16-17 September 2011

Church of Saint Francis of Assisi


Topic: Listening to the Word to be Saints (preached by Don Filippo Lombardi)

hours 18.30: Santo Rosario

hours 19.00: Eucharistic Celebration

Saturday 17 September 2011

St. Francis of Assisi

hours 20.30: Concert folk group “In uagnin assnziel”

Sunday 18 September 2011

Church of Saint Francis of Assisi

hours 11.00: Mass with the participation of couples celebrating the 25th, 50°, 60Wedding Anniversary;

hours 19.00: Mass presided by S.It is. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio – Archbishop of Matera-Irsina – and supply of wax and light the votive lamp by the Mayor of the city Sen. Salvatore Adduce;

hours 20.00: Procession through the streets of Old Town;

hours 23.00: Murgia Timone – Fireworks.

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Church of Saint Francis of Assisi

Liturgical Feast of S. Eustace and family martyrs

hours 19.00: Mass and Blessing of seed, with the participation of children born in the last five years that bear the name of the patron saint, who will receive a parchment remember.

Illuminations: Company Paulicelli – Capurso (BA)

Band: City of Miglionico

Fires Pirotecnici: Company Vulmont – Matera