Festa della Bruna 2015: the theme of the Cart, news’ and return to tradition!

The Press Conference of the Executive Committee

immagine_MdBThe theme of the Triumphal Chariot of the 626th edition of the Festival will be,,it,a novelty has also been proposed,,it: ”The meeting of Jesus with the Samaritan woman: icon and model for evangelization”. This was announced by the Archbishop's delegate and pastor of the Cathedral Church Don VIncenzo Di Lecce. Continuing in the presentation, and’ was expressed the will’ returning to ply the route of the ancient Sassi during the traditional procession of pastors in the morning of 2 July. More’ forward, during the conference, and’ stata proposta anche una novita’: the translation of the image of Mary (which normally takes place in the late morning of the day 2) could be brought forward to the evening of Christmas Eve.

During the conference was also attended by Prof. Emanuele Calculli, who presented the book ”The Brotherhood, the framework and the Procession of the Pastors of the feast of Bruna 2 July”; and then, the intervention of the president of the Maria SS. Bruna Vito Domenico Andrisani. I ', after defining the economic aspects (23.000 EUR the cost of the article and 3.000 euro fine for the same manufacturer who will not participate in the demolition of the Cart) spoke of criticality’ that emerged during the year: difficulty’ on finding a place for the Committee and long lead times for the payment of the sums allocated by public bodies. For these reasons,, the same Mimi ', announced his resignation which will present’ in the evening to S.It is. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio (that will have’ evaluate them and decide whether to reject them and leave the driving in the hands of Dr.. Andrisani accept or proceeding with the formation of a new Executive Committee).

As author of the portal festadellabruna.it I hope that, as built together in the last editions, President remains in place and, in consultation with the members of the Board of Directors, able to give a new impetus and even more prestige to our tradition’ great.

Matera, to 02.10.2014

Michele Chancellor

Chairman's letter to the Mayor of the City Andrisani’ for the project Matera 2019

The congratulations of the Association for the rest of the way of the City’ of Matera – candidate for European Capital of Culture in 2019

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????????Dear Senator,

I feel the need, on my own behalf as well as’ on behalf of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and all members of the Association, to express more’ congratulations for the great success as a result of the continuation of the journey of our City’ towards the ambitious goal of "EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE – YEAR 2019 ".

I believe that every materano tried thrill, and that’ continued for the whole day of 13 November U.S., to note with what commitment and determination and how’ was represented the candidacy of the city of Matera to the European Commission.

Certainly, were rekindled historical values ​​and ethics that distinguish our people: tenacity and sacrifice of our ancestors, accustomed to hard work in the fields and herding, eating bread and sun, to live in caves painstakingly carved into the tufa, were a stimulus, and will continue to be, up to the prestigious goal and the final victory, which must be a success, not only of Matera, but also the entire province and all of Basilicata.

My thoughts, but and’ also that of all the components of the Association, goes to the cornerstones that will allow Matera to become European Capital of Culture: and the SASSI “PARTY” in honor of Maria SS. Bruna, two pearls that for centuries have allowed our city’ to be known and appreciated in Europe and the world becoming a world heritage site’ of which in the coming days marks the 20th Anniversary. My personal commitment together with that of members of the Association is aimed at giving a significant signal to the next editions of the “PARTY”, that can not’ be limited to a short period of time, with events that often overlap, but must be extended to the whole field, expressing particular religious values, cultural and ethical issues arising from our traditions, which are still unknown to many.

I assure you that we are willing to accept the challenge and, stubborn as we are, ready to win. For this we would like to be considered privileged partners for a major project, see that the Association Mary. Bruna's protagonist and organizer of events and folk events and cultural, as well as religious in support of the candidacy. Thanking you for your attention, I express, on behalf of the entire Association, the most’ fervent, felt and sincere wishes for a happy and fruitful work in the interests of our community '.

Matera them, 18 November 2013

The President – Dr.. The. Domenico Andrisani

Opened Park John Paul II

papaNamed after Pope John Paul II the green area of ​​the Grove

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And’ was inaugurated on Saturday afternoon 22 October, the imposing white marble statue of Pope John Paul II, Park Him titled, in memory of his pastoral visit which took place in 1991.

After the speech of the Mayor of Matera, Its. Salvatore Adduce, between the notes of the Band Lands Lucane and the applause of about 300 people, was discovered the statue made by the Laboratory Artistic Marmi Apuani, artist Carlo Andrei that, visibly moved, expressed his personal satisfaction and added some technical details on the construction of the work. With a total weight of almost two thousand five hundred kilograms and a height of about three meters, the statue makes it really important to its presence in the park (already Boschetto), as if to affirm once again the importance of this visit and the great words addressed by the Pope to the community Matera, during the visit of 27 April 1991.

After the blessing given by Archbishop Salvatore Ligorio and expressed deep gratitude towards the parish priest of the Cathedral Don Vincenzo Di Lecce for the project and the City Administration for its development, the small crowd assembled in the park followed a short way to the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, where was celebrated Mass.

Again “…alive Matera, alive Matera!”

Al via the “The Festa della Bruna in LIS”

CheLoPress Release: Launch of the "first party of Bruna in LIS"

Matera, 22 June 2011 – L 'integration of deaf citizens finally come for the festival 2 July Matera. Launch of the "first party of Bruna in LIS (ITALIAN LANGUAGE OF SIGNS)”

The young deaf Salandra (Matera) Giusy Chietera organized three days (from ' 1 to the 3 July 2011) fun waiting for the patron saint of Matera, Maria Santissima della Bruna's 2 July.

Chietera declares: "It was difficult to organize but I'm sure it will be an important event for the integration of leader neighboring worlds, that of the deaf and hearing impaired who often do not know. Hopefully involving many deaf friends Basilicata but also other regions of 'Italy. For this work I have to thank Anna Maria Flumero, journalist deaf signer LIS, for their commitment and dedication to the love that our Culture. For availability President Committee of the Festa della Bruna Francesco Loperfido, he will give us the chance 2 evening to have a space reserved for us and for our friends deaf signers LIS, they too for us special people.

The organizer continues : "Thanks also to the Mayor of Matera Salvatore alleges that along with President Loperfido the first night at 19.00 we meet in the Square Triumphal Chariot (Piccianello) to welcome us and make us visit the beautiful chariot of 2 July. L 'art of paper mache and the wagon for us are really new, we are curious to admire and photograph it up close. ".

Excited Chietera concludes: "A party that we have always wanted to know, understand and live with you deaf. This is true Culture. We met such kindness even by two activities Matera, for us their help is crucial : “Icy Want” Via del Corso and “HEMINGWAY Coffee&kitchen” in via Ridola. Finally we can live your emotions and live the faith closely. ".

Reservations, information and doubts: ONLY sms 348-6185772. Deadline booking: Monday 27 June at 12.00. Each person is responsible for himself.

Officer Stampa339-5725772 Deaf-Deaf
Journalist Anna Maria Flumero

Celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy

SONY DSCAnd’ a birthday celebrated solemn one in Matera for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

The celebrations began this morning at 10.00 Lanfranchi in the palace and in the square Pascoli, with a visit to the exhibition of works on paper mache, in a setting certainly linked to the evening of 2 July: the statues of saints that dominate the central part of the Triumphal Chariot of Bruna.

The band then Miglionico has accompanied the political authorities, Religious, civilian and military in the crowded Piazza Vittorio Veneto, where the Mayor of Matera and the President of the Province have placed two wreaths at the monument to the Fallen. With the flag-raising and the notes of the national anthem, the crowd moved to the Villa Comunale, a focal point of city life and a meeting place for Matera; occasion the Mayor Adduce titled the same villa Unification of Italy and inaugurated the bust of Garibaldi Gian Battista Pentasuglia, the Matera and only Luke to have actively participated in the expedition of the Thousand, who served the Kingdom of Italy with many tasks in the field of telecommunications.



At the conclusion of the Celebrations, in the atrium of the building of the Government, a ballet dance rhythm welcomed the authorities to view another photo exhibition dedicated to the work of 2 July “The Papier Mache in Matera – The Chariot of Bruna”.

We take this opportunity to mention a work in papier mache was made in recent months by Maestro Michelangelo Pentasuglia and will be on display in the Great Repair Workshops in Turin until 20 November for the exhibition “Making Italians”.