Award ceremony for the winners of the competition,it “Poets in Festa”

The president of Maria SS. Bruna, Mimi Andrisani, the Archbishop Delegate Don Vincenzo Di Lecce and the Executive Committee communicate that the "POETI IN FESTA" literary competition has been concluded with the theme "The Feast of Bruna with the eyes of the children" reserved for the primary school pupils of Matera and the comic competition "La Festa della Bruna between history and legend" reserved for the students of the "Carlo Levi" Liceo Artistico of Matera,,it,The competitions organized by the Association in December,,it,they have seen the participation of all the comprehensive state institutes and of the Sacred Heart Institute,,it,with a massive participation of the students,,it,Ben,,zh-CN,who have submitted individual papers,,it,group and class,,it.
I concorsi indetti dall’Associazione nel Dicembre 2017 hanno visto la partecipazione di tutti gli istituti comprensivi statali e dell’istituto Sacro Cuore, con una massiccia partecipazione degli alunni (ben 484), che hanno presentato elaborati individuali, di gruppo e di classe.
Of great visual impact and rich in content with references to the "Festa" the elaborates of the students of the Artistic High School,,it,Angela Rogges,,en,Dora Staffieri e Franca Valentino,,en,has carefully examined all the documents,,it,which have been of exquisite workmanship and selected the elaborate winning results,,it,The award ceremony will take place on the day,,it,in the Gervasio Auditorium,,it,will attend S.E,,it,the musical concert of the Youth Orchestra of the conservatory "E.R,,it,Duni "of Matera conducted by master Demetrio Lepore who will perform music by Walt Disney,,it,free admission,,it,ceremony,,it,Award ceremony for the winners of the "Poeti in Festa" competition,,it.
La commissione giudicatrice, composed Donde Andrisani, don Vincenzo Di Lecce, Angela Rogges, Dora Staffieri e Franca Valentino, ha accuratamente esaminato tutti gli elaborati, che sono stati di pregevole fattura e selezionato gli elaborati risultati vincitori.
La cerimonia di premiazione avrà luogo il giorno 28 May at 16.30 nell’Auditorium Gervasio; presenzierà S.E. Mgr. Antonio Giuseppe Caiazzo. Follow, starting at 20.30, il concerto musicale dell’Orchestra Giovanile del conservatorio “E.R. Duni” di Matera diretta dal maestro Demetrio Lepore che eseguirà musiche di Walt Disney. Citizenship is invited; ingresso libero.

Saturday 28 May: awards competition “Poets in Festa” and presentation program 627 th edition!


Il Presidente dell’ Associazione Maria SS. Bruna, Mimi Andrisani, together with the Archbishop's delegate, Don Vincenzo Di Lecce and the Executive Committee, announces that Saturday 28 May, at 16.30, nella sala Levi del Palazzo Lanfranchi, will take place the ceremony of pupils of primary schools Matera who participated in the literary "Poets in Festa" Competition with the theme "La Festa della Bruna with the eyes of children".

Took part in the competition the Comprehensive School No. 3 ex S.M. “G. Pastures "A plexus. Moor 28 elaborati individuali, the Comprehensive School No. 4 ex II Circle with an elaborate class and No. 2 individual designs and the Comprehensive School No. 1 “Padre Minozzi – N. Party "with an individual paper and No. 3 processed class.

These Institutes, in addition to, They have developed a poem dedicated to Maria SS. Bruna.

The Selection Committee, composed Donde Andrisani (President), da Don Vincenzo Di Lecce , Angelo Palumbo, Antonella Deer ,Ernestina Soda e da Francesco Staffieri (Secretary), It examined the papers, drawing up a ranking that sees finalists 2 individual texts and preschoolers Institute Overall No. 3 “G. Pastures "and an elaborate dell 'Comprehensive School No. 4 “ E. Fermi”, as well as the elaborate poem-prayer that will be published on the program of festivities Year 2016.

At the end of the award ceremony, in the same "Levi" room at 18.00 will take place the Press Conference, during which the President of the 'Association Maria SS. Bruna, together with the Archbishop's Delegate and the Committee, will explain to the media, to Authorities, to the many sponsors and to those who will intervene, the program of festivities in honor of Maria SS. Bruna- Year 2016.

Gli elaborati del concorso “Poets in Festa”

Durante la cerimonia di premiazione del concorso letterario “Poets in Festa” – La festa della Bruna con gli occhi dei bambini, svoltasi nella Sala Levi del Palazzo Lanfranchi, sono stati resi noti gli elaborati meritevoli. Vi sveliamo, qui di seguito, i lavori portati all’attenzione dell’Associazione Maria SS. della bruna, organizzatrice del concorso:

I PREMIO – IV B Istituto Comprensivo “And. fermi”

Coordinatori: Teresa Barisano e Carmela Vaccaro

Authors: Rosanna Braia, Monica Canzio, Matteo Centonze, Imma Conte, Diego De Filippis, Alessia Di Cesare, Tatiana Fortunato, Noemi Lasalvia, Antonio Logallo, Alessia Montini, Mario Scazzariello, Agnese Sinatra, Ludovica Tralli.

& Nbsp;

II PREMIO – IV A Istituto Comprensivo “Padre G. Minozzi”

Coordinatore: Cinzia Paolicelli

Autore: Andrea Licchelli

& Nbsp;

III PREMIO – IV B Istituto Comprensivo “And. Fermi”

Coordinatore: Teresa Barisano e Carmela Vaccaro

Autore: Antonio Logallo

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Poeti in Festa

Poets in Festa

With the aim to strengthen the sense of belonging to their territory and their own cultural expressions, and to increase and pass on the historical-religious, through the enhancement of the creative energies of the new generations, Association Maria SS. Bruna, promotes IIª edition of the literary Poets in "Feast".

The competition, free participation, is themed and refers to the values ​​and emotions related to the Festival 2 July, the way in which children live this event and the most important aspects that capture and inspire their imagination and their imagination

The CALL can be read here and, in Appendix, find the CARD AUTHORIZATION for the Competition.

Notice of Literary Competition “Poets in Festa”

Notice of Literary Competition “Poets in Festa”

bandi_concorsiDear readers,

is attached to this article Competition Announcement titled “Poets in Festa” with which the Association Mary. Bruna intends promote cultural initiatives, that aim to improve and pass on the heritage - religious, cultural and social activities through educational, as well as to enhance the creative energies of the new generations.

Securities , emotions and suggestions related to the Festival 2 July accompany participants, in the manner and under the terms described in the notice, towards a rediscovery of the traditions and produce deliverables that will be judged by a Commission, appointed by the Executive Committee of the Association, which will be composed of the President of the 'Association Maria SS. Bruna , Delegate Archbishop by a member of the Executive Committee and of No. 2 external members.

We invite you to learn more by reading carefully the notice and to participate in large numbers!

The announcement in .pdf format

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