Presentation of the work for the Triumphal Chariot


The president of Maria SS. Bruna, Mimi Andrisani, unbozzetto2016itamente all’Amministratore Diocesano mons. Pierdomenico Di Candia and the Church Cathedral parish priest Fr Vincenzo Di Lecce, announces that the day 22 March P.V., at 10.00, in the Wagon Factory, located in the square of, Executive Committee, composed by Bruno Caiella, Franco Lionetti, Antonio Nicoletti, John Santantonio and coordinator Ernestina Soda, will present to the press and promoting members the Triumphal Chariot 2016 under construction.

Occasion, will be presented the booklet "CARRIAGE TRIUMPHANT 2016" that the Association Mary. Bruna took care to provide, Matera to citizenship and to the many tourists and visitors, an agile document on the manufactured paper mache, created by the artist-craftsman Michelangelo Pentasuglia.

with quest'opera, containing historical notes, publication of unpublished documents, approfondimenti sul tema "the face of mercy", drawings reproduced on the Triumphal Chariot, The Committee wanted to give continuity to the initiative put in place for the first time in 2015, to provide a key to understanding the Triumphal Chariot 2016.

The President
Domenico Andrisani

Unveiled the sketch of Michelangelo Pentasuglia

Bozzetto 2016

Bozzetto Winner

It was presented this morning, in the Hall of Emblems dell'Episcopio, the sketch of Michelangelo Pentasuglia, winner of the competition for the construction of the building of cardboard.

In the presence of the major religious authorities, civil and military was presented the sketch having theme: Mercy, hence the passage from the Gospel of Luke “Jesus, the merciful face of the Father”.

After the introduction of Dr.. Infante, the greeting of S.It is moved. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio who took leave from the Archdiocese of Matera-Irsina after 13 year old, of which over 11 passati come guida metropolita. Mons. Ligorio ha voluto ricordare il suo essere vicino ai giovani ed ha chiesto alle istituzioni un maggiore impegno per la costruzione di una Scuola della Cartapesta. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio che ha detto di voler essere presente il 2 Luglio p.v. e ha voluto lasciare la diocesi “Visitation and the Magnificat” with these words: “Simply thanks, my heart is already there in my new home, ma non dimentico assolutamente quanto la città di Matera ed i materani mi hanno dato”. E la sala, standing, He countered with an exciting and prolonged applause, la sua dimostrazione di affetto e gratitudine.

And’ stato poi spiegato con le parole di Don Vincenzo Di Lecce, the theme of the Cart, showing in the central part the parable of the Merciful Father (better known as the parable “the prodigal son”) tratta dal Vangelo di Luca. Nei pannelli, instead, rimarcate are the works of mercy.

I have thus reached the greetings of Bishop. Pierdomenico Di Candia representing the Cathedral Chapter and those of an emotional, but certainly not less effective than usual, President of Mimi Andrisani. Dr.. Andrisani greeted the dignitaries present, le associazioni che sono parte integrante dei festeggiamenti quali l’Ass. “Cavalieri di Maria SS. Bruna” e la “Confraternita dei Pastori della Bruna”, sponsors, the Executive Committee and members. Many projects and dreams carried out in these two years and many other ones to be implemented. And then, bluntly, la richiesta di una sede per l’Associazione che presiede e per cui lavora tutto l’anno, addressed to their local politicians in attendance. In conclusione del suo intervento, l’augurio a Mons. Ligorio cui è stato fatto dono di un anello raffigurante la Vergine Maria SS. Bruna: “ad meliora et maiora semper”.

They were unveiled, at last, the three sketches of the professional category and the two from the profession.

So it will be once again the Master Michelangelo Pentasuglia, that alone he has made well 14 Triumphal cars (49 with his father and uncle) to realize, along with a team of young artists, the Chariot of Bruna for the edition n. 627. He and his group of young artists, our best wishes for the New Year and good luck.

Michele Chancellor

& Nbsp;

There is an air of festivity in the Stone City!

ariaThe 31 May was celebrated the Visitation. In the Mass concelebrated in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi from SE. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio, we wanted to remember the liturgical day which tells, in Scripture (from the Gospel of Luke – Lc. I, 39-56), Visitation of Mary to her cousin Saint Elizabeth, on the occasion of the birth of John the Baptist.

The 2 June instead, in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, ended the series of nine appointments “July 2 all year”, with which the devotees of Mary renew the spirit of communion, on the second day of each month. The celebration was attended by the pastors of Bruna, the Organising Committee of the festivities, a large group of Knights of Mary, Master cartapestaio Pentasuglia Michelangelo and the charioteer Belisario Montemurro. The pastor of the Cathedral of Lecce Don Vincenzo wanted to wish, even before “give glory” to the faithful, good Festa della Bruna: “a celebration of the spirit, that most of the body”, why “Day is a moment of communion that we dress coat of joy and there slides on him like an event any”.

But that's not all! Began the events that, each year and more, teem in the months of June and July, and fill the squares, the sports pitches and cinemas even well before the Novena and beyond the Eighth. Among the most important events, we want to mention the many events with the sport organized by CSI: the tournament soccer 5 (the reference site is ), now in its sixteenth edition, and mixed volleyball tournament, in addition to bowling tournaments, table tennis and basketball, still organized by CSI of Matera.

You begin to breathe the air of festival in the Stone City.

Finally! Wishes Matera!

Presented the sketch of the Triumphal Chariot

tbozzettoAnd’ was presented this morning, to little more than a hundred days from 2 July, the sketch of the Triumphal Chariot of the Festa della Bruna, edition 2009. In the Archbishop's Palace of the Diocese of Matera-Irsina, in the presence of S. And. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio, President of the Organizing Committee Franco Palumbo and the Representative of Citizenship Dr.. John Vizziello, was unveiled the sketch of Wagon painted by the master Michelangelo Pentasuglia. Work on the construction of the building, therefore, have been entrusted to the fantasy and genius of the painter materano, who will carry the throne of the Madonna della Bruna in the coming months.

The theme chosen this year, inspired by the Year Jubilee declared by Pope Benedict XVI in honor of the two thousandth anniversary of his birth, and is titled “St Paul migrant, Apostle of the Gentiles… no longer strangers, nor guests, but the family of God” (Cfr. If the 2,19).