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8738It ended Monday 7 July, with the translation of the holy image of Mary at the Church of St. Joseph (Via Redemption), the 625th edition of the Festa della Bruna.

Also this year Matera Matera and have responded with great devotion and participation in the celebrations that, begin the 23 Giugno with the Ninth, ended Sunday 6 July with the Octave. To underline the enormous contribution of the sponsors that, in a few years, have finally allowed the achievement of a goal set ab illo tempore: get over, with funds raised from individuals and businesses, those dished out by public bodies. And so ', with the support of the main sponsor of a marketing plan and ad hoc, Executive Committee, assisted by the Maria della Bruna, organized and enriched this 625th edition with some, partecipatissime, spectacular news,,it,now consolidated beyond ten thousand units,,it: the tunnel of lights in the square V. Veneto and the return of a real show of fireworks musical fireworks on the Castle Park (during the Octave) complete with a violinist who has played live popular music punctuated by fireworks that colored, background, the towers of the Castle Tramontano.

The 2 July and’ performed as dictated by tradition: dawn the Procession ”Shepherds'”, in which participation is and’ ormai consolidata oltre le diecimila unita’; next, the dressing of the General of the Knights A. Raffaele Tataranni in the hall of the Palazzo Lanfranchi Levi, with the procession to the district Piccianello started late, but still much followed until 14.00, when the sacred image of Mary, together with the Curia and sixty Knights, and’ arrived in the churchyard of the Church of the Annunciation. Procession in the evening then, the Triumphal Chariot (realized as in the previous edition by Andrea Samson) sambrava sailed on two wings of the crowd and, in the moments in which the backrest that supports the patron saint, stopped a few inches from the dome of lights set up in Piazza and echoed the notes of the Ave Maria by Schubert, Procession has experienced its most exciting moment. After the traditional Three Laps, symbol of ”taking possession” the City ', the Chariot Processional abandoned part of his escort traditional (one of the Knights) and, protected by a massive deployment of law enforcement officers (as happens now for many years), you and’ started towards the Piazza Vittorio Veneto, now packed with people in the eye, for what has always and’ and will remain’ the event more’ folkloric celebrations: ripping Carro. Also this year, the huge artifact mache fruit of the labor of months, and’ svellato been in a few minutes in the city center, to the delight of thousands of citizens and tourists crowded in every corner of the square; crowd that and’ then moved in Sassi and on the terraces of the neighborhoods most’ high, to admire the spectacle of fireworks made on the Murgia Timone from Pyrotechnics Santa Chiara.

Thanks, First go to the organizers of this festival: the Association of Mary. Bruna, reorganized in September with the appointment of the Chairman,. Vito Domenico Andrisani, and soon that became operational and effective. Tant'è’ which in December was already’ all defined by the bands, with the tender for the construction of the wagon and with the choice of the artist. Fundamental and’ was the support of the Archbishop S.It is. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio, of the Archbishop and the parish priest of the Cathedral of Don Vincenzo Lecce. Good understanding with the civil and military institutions: Day and’ the result of a collaboration in the round that can not’ Regardless of its actors, organizers, producers. Many thanks are directed therefore’ local governments, the police headquarters, in command of the police and the financial police of Matera, the provincial committee of the Civil Protection, CRI, dell'ANPS, to local television networks, national and international that have paid particular attention to our City’ in what ', the always, the best day’ long of Matera.

The numbers of this portal and the pages of networks connected, ”speak” growth. Only two data: in less than 15 days, portal totaled over 50.000 views and youtube channel has totaled 20.000. Thanks so, who collaborated for this year or always, with this portal.

The hope staff, is that the City’ has renewed his spirit of entrustment to the Virgin (This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of Matera in Civitas Mariae), and had reinforced its culture and its roots, to better witness the civilization’ of this territory, and that’ then the purpose of the application of Matera in the European Capital of Culture in 2019. And we really hope that it is so ', and that the Virgin Mary accompany us.: Hooray Maria, Hooray Matera!

Michele Chancellor

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IV Lottery Maria SS. Bruna 2014



01. EQ 05 – Ford Fiesta 5p benzene (Car Brindisi)

02. AND 50 – Necklace with semi-precious stones and precious

03. FH 01 – Brooch in white gold and precious stones

04. LG 42 – Miniature knight in silver

05. LR 1 – Leather sofa (Ego Italian)

06. DC 24 – Man watch Burberry

07. BM 41 – Watch Haurex

08. CF 49 – Mirror furniture

09. BR 15 – Decorative radiator

10. MB 48 – Leather armchair (Trade had)

11. ME 49 – LCD TV 32″

12. FM 35 – TV 24”

13. GP 20 – Armchair for office (Visceglia)

14. GQ 28 – Serigraph by Bellini

15. HT 01 – Cycling Women 28”

16. CR 19 – Living Praia a Mare 4 people

Daklen di Apparel

The day 2 April p.v., at 21.00, in the context of ”Festa della Bruna all year”, in the Hall "Rota" Conservatory ”E.r. Duni” Matera, will perform the young talent materano.

Born in Matera, the 26 May 2000, began studying piano at the age of 7 years with Maestro V. From Filpo. Just 11 year old, the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, the delivery Gold Medal and Certificate of Honor to appoint "bishop of the Italian Republic" At the age of 10 years is awarded as "Italian excellence" by the Minister of Education. He made his debut on the international stage at the age of 9 year old, with a concert in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. A 12 years in Tunis representing Italy at the "Festival of Young Virtuosi of the World".
And 'guest on several occasions as talented at the piano, TG1, TG3 and other broadcasting RAI and Mediaset. The 24 March 2009 performs at the piano at Vatican Radio. Was appointed 1st Ambassador of Culture Lucana Basilicata Region. They talked about him the most important national and international newspapers. His repertoire ranges from Classicism Mozart to Beethoven's mighty harmonies. Many critics, his, noted and emphasized a large and early interpretative maturity.

Dr.. Vito Domenico Andrisani

Two July all year: next 2 March

They keep appointments ”Two July all year”

Dear Friends,

President of the Association of Mary Brown, Domenico Andrisani, announces that Saturday 1 March, at 11:00, at the Fabbrica del Carro, will hold a meeting with the presentation to the press and promoting partners (Common, Province, Chamber of Commerce and the Archbishop) of the state of the construction of the triumphal Wagon Edition 2014.
In addition to, as part of the "Festa della Bruna all year", day 2 March, at 18:30, in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Mass will be celebrated, followed by the 3rd cultural study on "The Origins of the Feast" treated by Dr.. Marco Pelosi. At 21:00, at the Residence Le Monacelle in via Redemption, will be held a concert of music Sax Ensemble of the Conservatory "ER. Duni "of Matera, directed by Prof.. Vito Soranno.
Michele Chancellor

Letter from the Chairman Andrisani the Community’ Materana


I hope, first, that this letter will be received in a moment of serenity in your life.

Certainly the social emergency, which has also invested our little Community, is a cause of anxiety and concern for a troubled world, especially for the younger generation.

We know, but, by memories faded by time, but still vivid in the memory, that, in this land so beautiful for the harshness of its landscape and so poignant for the proud and dignified simplicity of the generations that preceded us, lives a people accustomed to sacrifice and hard life. A simple people in appearance, but noble in heart and soul; humble in behavior, but aristocratic feelings; silent and austere, but also hospitable and generous.

This legacy, will engage the will and determination of our young, that face life with optimism and confidence to implement a planning often so difficult to realizzare.Una community, our, "Naturally religious", which welcomes around the Blessed Virgin of Bruna to find relief to their afflictions and to be entrusted with dreams and hopes for the future.

And that's why the Association Mary. Bruna, Referring to those historical values ​​and ethical, that have been handed down by our ancestors, is intended to have a determining role, not only for the city of Matera, but also for the municipalities of the Archdiocese, placing itself at the service of the community in order to provide confidence and serenity.

The goal you want to achieve with our project "WALK TOGETHER" is to see that our city protagonist on the international scene. For centuries, the "longest day" of the Stone City is the Two in July, that everyone is waiting with anxiety and trepidation, when the city was hit by an irrepressible joy, long waiting for all year, in which successive moments of madness and devotion, illuminations and prayers, assaults and sacredness. And this is the joy that we would like to give away during the celebrations - Edition 2014, both of you all that to the many visitors and tourists excited about our "FEAST".

We are confident that our program "FLY HIGH" will act as a driving force to impose on us in the eyes of the world, by faith, religiosity and morality; our commitment is to prepare the 625ª edition of the festivities even more rich in religious moments, cultural and folk, that could enable the city of Matera to get on the top step to claim the recognition of European Capital of Culture - YEAR 2019.

To achieve this you need the synergy of energies and intelligences of all; Therefore we would appreciate your input of ideas and experiences; we are available to meet you in our headquarters - Piazza Vittorio Veneto (Palace of the Annunciation), kindly granted by the Province of Matera, daily, in the evening.

See you soon, therefore; with best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

Mimi Andrisani

Chairman's letter to the Mayor of the City Andrisani’ for the project Matera 2019

The congratulations of the Association for the rest of the way of the City’ of Matera – candidate for European Capital of Culture in 2019

& Nbsp;

????????Dear Senator,

I feel the need, on my own behalf as well as’ on behalf of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and all members of the Association, to express more’ congratulations for the great success as a result of the continuation of the journey of our City’ towards the ambitious goal of "EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE – YEAR 2019 ".

I believe that every materano tried thrill, and that’ continued for the whole day of 13 November U.S., to note with what commitment and determination and how’ was represented the candidacy of the city of Matera to the European Commission.

Certainly, were rekindled historical values ​​and ethics that distinguish our people: tenacity and sacrifice of our ancestors, accustomed to hard work in the fields and herding, eating bread and sun, to live in caves painstakingly carved into the tufa, were a stimulus, and will continue to be, up to the prestigious goal and the final victory, which must be a success, not only of Matera, but also the entire province and all of Basilicata.

My thoughts, but and’ also that of all the components of the Association, goes to the cornerstones that will allow Matera to become European Capital of Culture: and the SASSI “PARTY” in honor of Maria SS. Bruna, two pearls that for centuries have allowed our city’ to be known and appreciated in Europe and the world becoming a world heritage site’ of which in the coming days marks the 20th Anniversary. My personal commitment together with that of members of the Association is aimed at giving a significant signal to the next editions of the “PARTY”, that can not’ be limited to a short period of time, with events that often overlap, but must be extended to the whole field, expressing particular religious values, cultural and ethical issues arising from our traditions, which are still unknown to many.

I assure you that we are willing to accept the challenge and, stubborn as we are, ready to win. For this we would like to be considered privileged partners for a major project, see that the Association Mary. Bruna's protagonist and organizer of events and folk events and cultural, as well as religious in support of the candidacy. Thanking you for your attention, I express, on behalf of the entire Association, the most’ fervent, felt and sincere wishes for a happy and fruitful work in the interests of our community '.

Matera them, 18 November 2013

The President – Dr.. The. Domenico Andrisani