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bando2014CNA e Ass. Maria SS. Bruna

The president of Maria SS. Bruna, Mimi Andrisani, TALKING that, with effect from 15 c.m., on the website of Maria SS. Bruna will be posted on the notice of public competition for the construction of the Triumphal Chariot edition 2015, together with the technical details concerning the religious theme.

The President noted that those interested can request information and / or clarification, as well as pick up a copy of the notice, of the technical, schema of the custody agreement and the scheme of “skeleton” the Cart at the CNA located in Matera – Via Benedetto Croce 21 or at the headquarters of the Association – Piazza Vittorio Veneto (Palace of the Annunciation).

The Chairman of the Committee

Domenico Andrisani

This is the link for the full reading: ANNOUNCEMENT

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Winning tickets and Conclusion of the Feast!


8738It ended Monday 7 July, with the translation of the holy image of Mary at the Church of St. Joseph (Via Redemption), the 625th edition of the Festa della Bruna.

Also this year Matera Matera and have responded with great devotion and participation in the celebrations that, begin the 23 Giugno with the Ninth, ended Sunday 6 July with the Octave. To underline the enormous contribution of the sponsors that, in a few years, have finally allowed the achievement of a goal set ab illo tempore: get over, with funds raised from individuals and businesses, those dished out by public bodies. And so ', with the support of the main sponsor of a marketing plan and ad hoc, Executive Committee, assisted by the Maria della Bruna, organized and enriched this 625th edition with some, partecipatissime, spectacular news,,it,now consolidated beyond ten thousand units,,it: the tunnel of lights in the square V. Veneto and the return of a real show of fireworks musical fireworks on the Castle Park (during the Octave) complete with a violinist who has played live popular music punctuated by fireworks that colored, background, the towers of the Castle Tramontano.

The 2 July and’ performed as dictated by tradition: dawn the Procession ”Shepherds'”, in which participation is and’ ormai consolidata oltre le diecimila unita’; next, the dressing of the General of the Knights A. Raffaele Tataranni in the hall of the Palazzo Lanfranchi Levi, with the procession to the district Piccianello started late, but still much followed until 14.00, when the sacred image of Mary, together with the Curia and sixty Knights, and’ arrived in the churchyard of the Church of the Annunciation. Procession in the evening then, the Triumphal Chariot (realized as in the previous edition by Andrea Samson) sambrava sailed on two wings of the crowd and, in the moments in which the backrest that supports the patron saint, stopped a few inches from the dome of lights set up in Piazza and echoed the notes of the Ave Maria by Schubert, Procession has experienced its most exciting moment. After the traditional Three Laps, symbol of ”taking possession” the City ', the Chariot Processional abandoned part of his escort traditional (one of the Knights) and, protected by a massive deployment of law enforcement officers (as happens now for many years), you and’ started towards the Piazza Vittorio Veneto, now packed with people in the eye, for what has always and’ and will remain’ the event more’ folkloric celebrations: ripping Carro. Also this year, the huge artifact mache fruit of the labor of months, and’ svellato been in a few minutes in the city center, to the delight of thousands of citizens and tourists crowded in every corner of the square; crowd that and’ then moved in Sassi and on the terraces of the neighborhoods most’ high, to admire the spectacle of fireworks made on the Murgia Timone from Pyrotechnics Santa Chiara.

Thanks, First go to the organizers of this festival: the Association of Mary. Bruna, reorganized in September with the appointment of the Chairman,. Vito Domenico Andrisani, and soon that became operational and effective. Tant'è’ which in December was already’ all defined by the bands, with the tender for the construction of the wagon and with the choice of the artist. Fundamental and’ was the support of the Archbishop S.It is. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio, of the Archbishop and the parish priest of the Cathedral of Don Vincenzo Lecce. Good understanding with the civil and military institutions: Day and’ the result of a collaboration in the round that can not’ Regardless of its actors, organizers, producers. Many thanks are directed therefore’ local governments, the police headquarters, in command of the police and the financial police of Matera, the provincial committee of the Civil Protection, CRI, dell'ANPS, to local television networks, national and international that have paid particular attention to our City’ in what ', the always, the best day’ long of Matera.

The numbers of this portal and the pages of networks connected, ”speak” growth. Only two data: in less than 15 days, portal totaled over 50.000 views and youtube channel has totaled 20.000. Thanks so, who collaborated for this year or always, with this portal.

The hope staff, is that the City’ has renewed his spirit of entrustment to the Virgin (This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of Matera in Civitas Mariae), and had reinforced its culture and its roots, to better witness the civilization’ of this territory, and that’ then the purpose of the application of Matera in the European Capital of Culture in 2019. And we really hope that it is so ', and that the Virgin Mary accompany us.: Hooray Maria, Hooray Matera!

Michele Chancellor

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IV Lottery Maria SS. Bruna 2014



01. EQ 05 – Ford Fiesta 5p benzene (Car Brindisi)

02. AND 50 – Necklace with semi-precious stones and precious

03. FH 01 – Brooch in white gold and precious stones

04. LG 42 – Miniature knight in silver

05. LR 1 – Leather sofa (Ego Italian)

06. DC 24 – Man watch Burberry

07. BM 41 – Watch Haurex

08. CF 49 – Mirror furniture

09. BR 15 – Decorative radiator

10. MB 48 – Leather armchair (Trade had)

11. ME 49 – LCD TV 32″

12. FM 35 – TV 24”

13. GP 20 – Armchair for office (Visceglia)

14. GQ 28 – Serigraph by Bellini

15. HT 01 – Cycling Women 28”

16. CR 19 – Living Praia a Mare 4 people

Municipal Ordinance to protect the safety

comune_di_materaIn addition to what already prepared, and yes’ news of two municipal ordinances designed to regulate the conduct of the festivities.

Ordinances, promptly requested by the organizers of the events scheduled in the next few days, were published in the day on Friday 27 June.

At the bottom of the links to the full documents.

O_D_ Integration Festa della Bruna 2014.pdf

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Michele Chancellor

Ass. Maria SS. Bruna

IV Lottery Maria SS. Bruna – II extraction

These tickets extracted in the second extraction 15 June


& Nbsp;

AE 18 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

GD 19 – Series D&D

FQ 10 – Pullover Pino Basile..

HO 03 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

AQ 17 – Good spending € 50

GD 15 – Lamp Artempo

HC 34 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

THE 50 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

I 13 – Dictionary Treccani

This is 31 – Cake Carlucci

FD 44 – lamp Artempo

FU 22 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

FD 48 – necklace Disimine

GN 32 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

HN 17 – Lamp Artempo

GF 24 – Centerpiece

FH 07 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

GG 20 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

HO 17 – Clock kitchen Canario

BR 10 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

GF 36 – Office chair

IC 34 – Earrings D&D

FV 06 – Buonosconto + Pole Ascatigno

FD 21 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

AH 03 – Lamp Artempo

Has 02 – Belt and tie Migi

FL 08 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

GIVE 38 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

IQ 48 – Buonospesa € 50 Savino

DR 45 – Lamp Artempo

AND 29 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

IV 44 – Living in Praia a Mare

AE 11 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

AE 10 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

FQ 19 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

GH 35 – Lamp Artempo

FH 24 – Jacket ball and t-shirt

HU 34 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

FB 34 – Menu couple Altrapizza

AND 13 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

HT 43 – Lamp Artempo

GIVE 43 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

GR 22 – Buonospesa Ricci and lights

AP 11 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

HU 04 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

GB 01 – The Mirror Cigona

FR 40 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

ID 46 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

FH 38 – Menu couple Altrapizza

GM 12 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

AH 06 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

GH 36 – Duffel LineaSport

I 05 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

EC 15 – 2 Maxipizze i 5 senses

IV Lottery Maria SS. Bruna – The extraction

These tickets extracted in the first extraction of the 25 May


CM29 – Living in Praia a Mare 2 people (Global Tour)

DQ37 – Bicycle 26” (Eurospin)

CR322 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

CP36 – Bicycle 12” (Eurospin)

ER06 – Good spending 50 euro (Savino Clothing)

HE142 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

AG47 – Table lamp (Artempo)

AT08 – 2 services cups (Interior Scenes)

BS36 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

BU16 – Table lamp (Artempo)

CP50 – Sunglasses (Tekno Lens)

AF06 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

CR33 – Table lamp (Artempo)

AN22 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

EP21 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

CN47 – Table lamp (Artempo)

CI09 – Good (Ticci and Straight)

IM11 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

HE02 – Table lamp (Artempo)

HQ16 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

CP44 Love + Shirt + Tie (Mi.Gi.)

AS16 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

AC37 – Table lamp (Artempo)

CP29 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

EP28 – Menu Couple (Altrapizza)

AI18 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

IM41 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

DV07 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

CU17 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

AC34 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

BN12 – Suitcase (Rainbow)

DE01 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

AT28 – Picture Frames (Interior Scenes)

BT44 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

CO35 – Centerpiece (La Murrin)

DQ31 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

ER18 – Paraschegge (Emporio Colucci)

HQ07 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

CS25 1 bottle of brandy (Not only wine)

DL44 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

AO35 – Women's Perfume (Tobacco Chancellor)

DV33 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

DL28 Bag (Footwear Upside)

CU18 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

DL24 Stay for 2p. 15-19 June (Magnagrecia)

DV37 2 Maxipizze (The Five Senses)

Two July all year: next 2 March

They keep appointments ”Two July all year”

Dear Friends,

President of the Association of Mary Brown, Domenico Andrisani, announces that Saturday 1 March, at 11:00, at the Fabbrica del Carro, will hold a meeting with the presentation to the press and promoting partners (Common, Province, Chamber of Commerce and the Archbishop) of the state of the construction of the triumphal Wagon Edition 2014.
In addition to, as part of the "Festa della Bruna all year", day 2 March, at 18:30, in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Mass will be celebrated, followed by the 3rd cultural study on "The Origins of the Feast" treated by Dr.. Marco Pelosi. At 21:00, at the Residence Le Monacelle in via Redemption, will be held a concert of music Sax Ensemble of the Conservatory "ER. Duni "of Matera, directed by Prof.. Vito Soranno.
Michele Chancellor

The 1 February will’ unveiled the sketch of the Cart!

vincenteThe preparation of the Festa della Bruna takes another step forward.

Saturday 1 February p.v., at 11:30, in the Hall of Emblems of the Archbishop's Palace, the Executive Committee of the Maria SS. Brown will present the, the presence of the Archbishop of Matera-Irsina Mgr. Salvatore Ligorio, the design of the triumphal Wagon Edition 2014, that will be realized by the artist-craftsman materano Andrea Samson, together with that presented for the non-professional category by Giuseppe Montemurro.

In addition to, day 2 February, under the program the "Festa della Bruna all year", will be celebrated the anniversary of "Candlemas" beginning of the liturgical functions, S.It is chaired by. Mgr. Salvatore Ligorio, at 18:00 in the Church of Santa Chiara and, to follow, in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

At 21:00, in Residence "Le Monacelle" in via Redemption, concert will be music FLUTE IN PROGRESS with the orchestra of flutes Conservatory ER. Duni , conducted by Alessandro Muolo.

Matera, to 25.01.2014

The President

Dr.. Vito Domenico Andrisani

And. 624: Conclusion of the festivities!


It ended Sunday 7 July, with the deposition of the image of Mary. Bruna in the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, the 624th edition of the Festa della Bruna… and it is time budget.

Tradition respected, first. Ripping Carro happened there, where materani wanted, Piazza Vittorio Veneto! And’ really hard to quantify the festive crowd that accompanied the 2 July: from the first light of dawn followed the procession of pastors in several thousand. In the evening, during the translation of the Holy Image of Mary, in all probability, are overcome 40.000 Attendance. A resounding success. Even during the fireworks, in the alleys of the Sassi, thousands were watching with the nose, amazed by the extraordinary glitter created by fireworks that lit the Murgia Timone. Even celebrations Octave saw an extraordinary participation, hardly vollessero, the materani, abandon the celebrations for the patron saint.

The 624th edition will surely be remembered for the excellent results achieved by the organizers. There are many initiatives in place to improve participation in the festival and thanks go first to the Executive Committee and to the Archbishop because, albeit from a gravely deficient situation, managed, together, to bring in positive balance. Is meant to recall later, the valuable contribution of the sponsors and the sale (finished even days before extraction) of all 10.000 lottery tickets. The great work of employees, dell'auriga, Volunteers rescue, of all police forces, and of all those who have put their effort for the success of the events, did the rest. Thanks.

Some, Also this year there were some critical, emerged from the ranks of the Knights of Mary. Bruna and during the procession of pastors because of certain prefectural. Both, however,, already latent for several years and readily scaled thanks to direct confrontation with the leaders of the Committee, Police Headquarters, the City and the Province of Matera! Critical anyway, very little capable of affecting the beautiful image of the Feast.

Great appreciation was also expressed on the article made from paper mache “Faces to Carro”, the group of boys assisted by the artist Andrea Samson materano: significant was his embrace, after 3 (This year five) rpm, with the pastor of the Cathedral Don Vincenzo Di Lecce.

Don Vincenzo, which goes a sincere thank you for your great work, is also worthy of the commitment carried forward to the rebirth of the Brotherhood of the Pastors of Bruna, took place this year, after more than 50 years after its dissolution.

The portal is proud to show the results achieved in this edition: 12.103 unique visitors for a total of 44.087 views in 15 days dedicated to the celebrations, of which 13.121 the 2 July! Important numbers, that help to understand how grown, in recent years, the media attention towards this Feast, also at national level! The blessing by S.It is. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio to all the press has marked this milestone.

Personally, I extend thanks to my closest collaborators and the preparation of TRM Network for the friendliness and professionalism. Moreover, there are still many ideas to be realized, as the expansion of the services offered by this portal, which will soon be enriched by German translation edited by young Sybille Becker.

The hope, therefore, is to find ourselves all still here, next year, to celebrate Matera and his devotion to Mary. Again. Hooray Maria, hooray Matera!

Michele Chancellor

Conclusion of Celebrations

bil2012Once the festivities for the Madonna della Bruna – The guide to

The 2 July is just past, and also the Octave was celebrated: Today the sacred image of Mary. Bruna has been placed in the Church of St. Joseph. Now, it is time to take stock.

The day was Monday, as always, very intense: eventful, partecipatissima in the liturgies and the rowdy, traditional, hot folklore that always amazes and anyone who approaches to this party.

It would be asking too much …little bit, the preparation of, a simple adjective “positive” the “negative” to describe the entire Feast. Argue, but not before thanking.

Let's start by thanking all, interchangeably: thanks to those who participated, finding himself immersed in the spirit of communion that the City created around at a party that has no equal.

And’ We should thank the religious authorities that indicate the way to go and bless this Feast, the civil and military authorities who seek to sacrifice resources and protect the work of all, and make every effort so that the tradition is respected. And’ We should thank those deep their commitment and always with dedication, and works for the party: The Committee, the Knights of Maria della Bruna, the charioteer and all employees, Pastors of Bruna, Italian Red Cross, Civil Protection (This year was also the Civil Protection riding), departments scout Matera, firefighters, the local police and all the men and women who have followed more closely the festivities.

Personally, I applaud the work of the leaders of the State Police. The Quaestor Pasquale Errico, responsible for public order, has hit its target on the first try: is the first year coordinating the agitated 2 July materano, but everything went the right way.

The presence of police officers, in some phases of the feast, was almost imperceptible: you take the example of the Procession of the Shepherds, where there are no accidents and the use of agents has been reduced to a minimum.

In the evening instead, be able to close ranks Agents, free them from the arrogance of “usual suspects”, and having previously taken care of some dangerous details, allowed the most spectacular moment of the festival, ripping wagon, is consumed under the gaze of the whole square, already for several hours packed with people, calling into question the words: “The Chariot will break where you'll want to break”.

Also note the valuable work of the Local Police and Civil Protection, commitment maintained by managers and municipal leaders, that effective and continuous work of operators ecological.

However, there have been unexpected, smoothly, blunders and criticism, some also rather vehement, erupted even before the festivities.

It will not be this drawing, and here on this site so important for the party, to list the organizational oversights and errors that have been committed, because one already exists and the Board “court” media is at work already ab illo tempore, and here we speak of the Feast, not the chatter.

The swirl of accusations, protests and resentments that go on sometimes with legal consequences and almost always end with words stolen from epitaphs, which, su, we prefer to give advice. The compliance schedules, for example, can make feasible a live television made with the most powerful and in collaboration with major broadcasters.

Work harder, combining the expertise to humility and temperance, speak with sincerity and diplomacy, work with patience and humility, and without too much grandstanding.. surely lead to a better organization, more responsible, credible, reliable and less rough: need a synergistic balance of organizational figures: and then, with the work of all, you will have to pull “yl car” one direction. And we hope that, at the end of the climb, there is the Cathedral!

The portal, this year, has managed to renew itself and to ensure a complete picture, Free and “clean” the party, thanks to the growing number of collaborations established with the new offer represented by social networks. The numbers recorded this year are still growing compared to past editions, despite the confusion generated by the distribution of information material inattentive and continuous dimming by the Executive Committee.

You want to extend sincere thanks to the staff, supporters, users and visitors of this node in the network for the attention, friendship, confidence, the closeness and the gratitude shown. The editorial staff wishes you all a happy summer, and invites you to find yourself in photos and mini documentaries made on holidays.

At Last, with the hope of bringing even in your homes, with the help of the web, the blessing of the Cart and Maria della Bruna, we bid farewell with the famous motto that S.It is. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio wanted to play last night: “A mogghj a mogghj c onn a l'Aven”.

At all, a sincere wish and a goodbye to the edition number 624: hooray Maria, hooray Matera!

Michele Chancellor

Hooray Maria!

P064The hope of writing

Have hours of trepidation, emotions, party. Everyone alive his July 2 tomorrow, in communion with others and respecting tradition. We begin so dawn tomorrow.. "We will go with our children and with our old, with our sons and with our daughters; we will go with our flocks and with our herds, because we must hold a feast…» (Exodus 10:9)

Andvviva Matera, Hooray Maria!!