Appointed the new Executive Committee

fotoExecutive Committee

There are four components of the new executive committee, appointed in the evening yesterday, following the c.d.a. specially met Piazza V. Veneto.

• Dr.. Bruno Caiella, employed in the bank; has already been a member of the Executive Committee in the year 2013 as treasurer.

• Francesco Paolo Losito, entrepreneur materano, conducted with great professionalism the role of head of marketing year 2012 and as a component in the effective 2013.

• Angelo Linsalata, is an employee ASM, who has worked in the past editions, is the only freshman of the Executive Committee.

• John Santantonio, retired, already chief inspector of the State Police, has actively collaborated with the Presidency Palumbo and was Vice President in the Committee 2011 to the 2013.

Michele Chancellor

Get in on the 624th edition of the Festival

624aGet in on the 624th edition of the Festival

Dear Friends,

this year, for the 624th time, the City’ Matera is preparing the festivities in honor of its patron saint Maria SS. Bruna.

Tuesday morning, at the Committee, and’ was presented to the press the official program of events scheduled between 23 June and July 8th… and there are so many news'!

Nell'elencarli, let's start with one of the most important moments of the Festival: donning the General Knights Angelo Raffaele Tataranni, that you will not hold more’ at his home, but it will happen’ in the Palazzo Lanfranchi, one of the most important places of Matera.

Other news’ Sara’ undoubtedly the presence of three points of the nursery during the day 2 July. With two caravans as mobile stations and a stand in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Sara’ can meet the needs of mothers and children who just do not want to stay away from the festivities.

The 20 June, instead, there will be for the first time a quadrangular Soccer Tournament amateur, with the participation of the teams of the Ass. Knights, State Police, Carabinieri and the Ass. Maria SS. Bruna.

And then there are bands: City’ Matera, City’ Noicattaro, Music Together of Middle School “N. Party”, City’ Grottole, Lower City Music’ Miglionico and, the 25 June at 21.00, will perform’ the National Band of the Guardia di Finanza!

Even the profane elements that enrich the festival are being organized: are preparing fireworks by the company John Padovano (Genzano di Lucania) and the company Fratelli Liccardo (Mugnano – NA), were tied the first stakes that sorreggeranno the imposing illuminations Company Paulicelli International; you are granting spaces to the attractions of the Luna Park and the Market stalls with vendors from all over the South Italy.

The Association “Maria SS. Bruna”, that the 22 May 2013 received the recognition of Juridical Person (n. 43 log) Basilicata Region, and’ a coming and going of people that organizes, promotes, advertises and encourages the Feast. This Year, in addition to the proceeds of the lottery, that will give 12 sensational prizes with extraction 6 July, pleasantly must underline the great contribution of entrepreneurs and private, Matera and not, that have embraced the campaign sponsorship of the Feast implemented well in advance and reach still ahead: and’ can still donate their contribution to the Association or to book sponsorship on the poles of the illuminations showing up at the headquarters of the Association or by contacting Mr.. Francesco Losito to n. 335.7095778.

A current list of sponsors and’ on the official website the page dedicated to them.

Even the preparation of the site and’ constantly working to keep updated pages, and in which’ connected domain, registered by the, to allow, as always free, browse all media content related Celebrations in honor of Maria SS. Bruna. Are being, in addition to, collaborations with editors and reporters from national newspapers to improve visibility’ Matera and its best day’ long, Also on magazine and other web portals.

Therefore, Triumphal Chariot of the 624th edition (made by the working group coordinated by Andrea Samson) and’ almost ready to undertake its “trip”. We just have to celebrate!

In the spirit of communion that unites us, moments in our folk and religious, I want to wish everyone a Happy Feast. Viva Maria, Viva Matera, Viva the Materani.

Presented the draft of the Triumphal Chariot 2012

pres12Presented the sketch of the Triumphal Chariot of the Family Daddiego

& Nbsp;

In the dining Stemmi dell'Episcopio, this morning, was presented the sketch of the triumphal chariot that will bring Enthroned Madonna della Bruna next 2 July.

Following to calling the competition presented in December, and after the announcement of the winner took place already for a few weeks, was unveiled today the painting made by the members of the Family Daddiego which was awarded the construction of the building which will collaborate with papier mache and the other two competitors: Pasquale Nicoletti and Andrea Samson.

The theme of the Chariot is “The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church: The Parable of Seminatore”, a theme that fits in well with the theme of the three-year Pastoral Plan 2011-2014 "From Trinity Church for today's man".

In the presence of S.It is. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio, the pastor of the Cathedral of Don Vincenzo Lecce, the Chairman of the Committee of the festivities Francesco Loperfido, and of the highest civil and military authorities and the province of Matera, was just one of the components of Daddiego, Carmine, to reveal the sketch, illustrate and explain its meaning. A new Wagon, rich and full of meaning: again because even the molds of clay from which they then form the statues and friezes of relief are new, rich because there are also improvements in the details, full of meaning because even the use of colors – “warm yellow as the grain of our land” – was not random.

Again so the race to the next 2 July: the Family Daddiego, to the organizers and everyone goes materani the sincerest wishes, because we can achieve new throne and celebrate Maria della Bruna, in the sign of a centuries-old tradition still alive and always new!

Report on the celebrations of 2009

res09Archived also the 620 th edition of the Festival

& Nbsp;

A beautiful edition! Ended today 12 July on the churchyard of S. Francis of Assisi, on which you set up an amazing spectacle piromusicale, the Festa della Bruna edition n ° 620! After the solemn procession through the streets of the city center, with the effigy of Maria della Bruna accompanied by Clergy, by representatives of the Organizing Committee, by pastors of Bruna and the Knights of Bruna, S.E. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio gave a short speech in which he praised the present, urging them to keep the faith alive in Mary and participation in this Festival!

Maybe it will not have been the most exciting edition, but the 2 July 2009 was to Matera, as each 2 July, an unforgettable day! Large numbers of people who participated with joy, from the first light of dawn, a day more representative of the party, finished well after midnight, with the splendid fireworks display on the Murgia Timone.

On the day that symbolizes the liberation of Matera and the assignment of each to the patron saint of the City of Rocks, once again, the materani showed all their pride and their attachment to this party, which saw in the moments of tumultuous “cloth”, a truly massive presence in every corner of the popular center, including tourists and onlookers surrounding areas. A success then, the historic center and crowded Piazza Vittorio Veneto packed with people: thousand faces with wide eyes to scrutinize every inch of that corner of the square in which it meets the Via del Corso, place where the Triumphal Chariot comes out to be abandoned to the ritual destruction! So it was again this year, respecting tradition, with a bit of bitter taste for those last meters, where a small crush has forced the Chariot to arrest his own run in the final stretch of Via del Corso, The bow was already peeking in Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

An overall positive for the edition 2009, that will be remembered for the wonderful work in papier mache by the Master Pentasuglia, for the first time a show piromusicale during the fireworks midnight and perhaps even for the webcam positioned on the Wagon! Opinions disgruntled instead on the initial part of the celebrations of the 2 July: appreciation for the Holy Mass 5.00 held outdoors and a bit of regret for the reduced presence of traditional “battery” along the route of the procession of the Shepherds, whose path was occasionally disturbed by passing vehicles. Details of the festival that will surely be treated with more attention by organizing machine, in subsequent editions.

The authors of this website would like to thank first of all those who have followed the celebrations through the media of : we have far exceeded the previous year's record, recording about 4.000 unique visitors for a total of 10.000 accesses, with an average stay on site 8 minutes, Viewed over 27.000 pages in 24 hours 2 July; about 100.000 instead, pages are displayed throughout the period of the festivities! Foremost among the reporters YouTube 3 July, in a week our videos have received well 16.000 views! Thanks!

And’ due, in addition to, thank all the collaborators, friends and media-partners for the support offered to our site: you will find the page “Partners” all links. We send heartfelt thanks also to the Archdiocese of Matera-Irsina with Bishop Salvatore Ligorio, the Association de “The Pastors of Bruna” and the parish priest of the Cathedral Don Vincenzo Di Lecce, Authorities and civil and military forces, the Organising Committee of the festivities, the association of the Knights of Maria della Bruna, the artist Michelangelo Pentasuglia and its valuable employees, all public entities that sponsor the Festa della Bruna and sponsors that the co-finance.

With the timeless wish: “A moggh, a moggh, all'onn ci van '” gives goodbye to the next edition.

“Long live the 2 July, Viva and Viva la Bruna Matera!”