Dating 2 and 7 April

Sixth race with "La Festa della Bruna all year"

2_aprile_2017The president of Maria SS. Bruna, Mimi Andrisani, together with the Archbishop's delegate Don Vincenzo Di Lecce and the Executive Committee, makes known to citizenship that Sunday 2 April 2017 will mark the sixth meeting for "La Festa della Bruna all year" which coincides with the first anniversary of episcopal ordination of our Archbishop, took place in the Crotone 2/04/2016. Therefore, nella Basilica Cattedrale di Matera, It will be celebrated this event with the following program:

– hours 18.30 Santo Rosario
– hours 19.00 Holy Mass presided by S.It is. Mons. Antonio Giuseppe Caiazzo.

Followed by a screening of the video "Antonio Giuseppe Caiazzo: a Bishop in Matera ", by Nino Vinciguerra.

Friday 7 April 2017, Levi in ​​the room Palazzo Lanfranchi, Concert will take place on "In Nomine Domini" for soprano, choir and brass. Soprano: M. Maddalena Notarstefano; Choir: Singers directed by Alessandra Barbaro Materani; di fiati together: Director Rocco Lacanfora. The entrance is at 19.00.

Citizenship is invited!

Sunday the appointment of the President of the Association Maria SS,it. Bruna

Foto: A. Di Gennaro

Photo: A. Gennaro

Sunday 2 October p.v., S.E. Mons. Antonio Giuseppe CAIAZZO, Archbishop of the Diocese of Matera-Irsina, at the end of the Holy Mass to be held at hours 19.00 nella Basilica Cathedral, communicate to the Institutions, the press and the people the appointment of the President of the Association Maria SS. Bruna, for the three years 2017-2019.

Sara, in addition to, blessed the new banner of the Brotherhood of "The Shepherds of Bruna".

So much it has been communicated by Don Vincenzo Di Lecce, Archbishop's Delegate and Vice-President of the Association.

At Last, day 3 October p.v., all hours 10.00, in "Levi" Hall of the Palazzo Lanfranchi, will be a press conference, with speeches of the Archbishop's Delegate and the new President of the Association Maria SS. Bruna.

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Domenico Andrisani

Matera, 26/9/2016

Hello Michele Santantonio

Mourning in the Association of Maria della Bruna

misanThe Association of Mary. Bruna greets one of its members more’ devout and committed: Michele Santantonio.

Michele, This year he also held the position of Secretary of the Association, will surely be remembered for the friendliness and openness that has always been in and out of the Association. A few hours after the death of his great friend Aldo Bitonte, like him advocate and former leader of the association basketball materano, Michele does not have it made in its fight against a disease that, Family’ from weeks, forced him to a hospital admission in Matera and disappeared this morning.

The sara salma’ vegliata but alle ore 15.00 on Saturday 13 September at the Hospital of Our Lady of Grace, and then, at 16.00, will take place the funeral at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

His family, always close to the organization of the Festival, his brother John and all his loved ones, I extend my personal condolences and the affection of the whole Association.

Hello Michele!

Michele Chancellor

S. Eustace and martyrs Relatives 11-21 September

Celebrations in honor of S. Eustachius

sant_eustachioThe Association of Mary. Bruna, Also in the current year, will be organizing the festivities in honor of S. Eustace and family martyrs, patron of the city, which will take place from 11 to 21 September 2014.

The cult of S. Eustace and his family martyrs has ancient roots; according to some historians, i chose Matera S. Eustace as protector of the city in 984, when the Holy, invoked by the population hungry Matera, freed the city from the Saracens, which occurred on 20 May of this year. This date was later moved to 20 September to allow farmers, engaged in the month of May in the work of the fields, to join the party in honor of the Patron Saint. There are numerous depictions of the Holy, belonging to various eras, present in Matera, but many are also works from artists such as Perugino and others scattered in Italy and in the world.

Citizenship Matera, fascinated by the life of the saint, and mindful of the many miracles performed, including deliverance from the plague that struck throughout southern Italy in 1656, asks today, Handsfree, to honor the saint and with religious rites, that those civilians. This year the festivities in honor of the patron saint will be advanced by the solemn novena, which will begin on September 11 in the Church of S. Francis of Assisi, and will end on Friday 19 September with the celebration of Holy Mass, which will take place in the custody of the children who bear the name "Eustace" and renewal of marriage vows of the 25th and the 50th anniversary, with delivery of a scroll remember.

This is the link of the COMPLETE PROGRAM celebrations.

The Chairman of the Committee

Dr.. Vito Domenico Andrisani

Notice of Literary Competition “Poets in Festa”

Notice of Literary Competition “Poets in Festa”

bandi_concorsiDear readers,

is attached to this article Competition Announcement titled “Poets in Festa” with which the Association Mary. Bruna intends promote cultural initiatives, that aim to improve and pass on the heritage - religious, cultural and social activities through educational, as well as to enhance the creative energies of the new generations.

Securities , emotions and suggestions related to the Festival 2 July accompany participants, in the manner and under the terms described in the notice, towards a rediscovery of the traditions and produce deliverables that will be judged by a Commission, appointed by the Executive Committee of the Association, which will be composed of the President of the 'Association Maria SS. Bruna , Delegate Archbishop by a member of the Executive Committee and of No. 2 external members.

We invite you to learn more by reading carefully the notice and to participate in large numbers!

The announcement in .pdf format

Michele Chancellor

Press release 9 December 2013

The Triumphal Chariot, Matera 2019, Lucans World..

iconaThe agenda of the President of the 'Association Maria SS. Bruna , Domenico Andrisani, is full of events. The Executive Committee is committed to promoting the "Feast" of Brunette with many important initiatives.

Today, will host the Annual Meeting of Shareholders; in data 13 December will be entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Committee Matera 2019 which will see the Association becoming PRIVILEGED PARTNER for the candidacy of the city of Matera in the European Capital of Culture 2019; before Christmas, the Selection Committee of the projects entered for the realization of the Triumphal Chariot in honor of Maria SS. Bruna – Edition 2014, express a judgment of merit; during the three days, who will see the representation of Living Nativity in the Sassi , The Committee will be a guest at the stand of the organizers to distribute information materials of "Feast".

To all this, adding that the Executive Committee has sent to all Associations of Lucania in Italy and around the world a letter, which is attached in full copy, aimed at getting a moral and material aid to support the various initiatives planned in a perspective that sees the protagonist Association to support the candidacy of Matera in the European Capital of Culture.

Among the cultural initiatives aimed at increasing and pass on the historical-religious Association promotes the 1st edition of the Literary Competition in POETS “PARTY”, the notice will be published in days, reserved for students attending the Third, FOURTH and FIFTH of the Primary School of Matera, whose theme will “Bruna's Day with children's eyes”.

Other initiatives, it will give notice from time to time.

Press release 5 December 2013

The Triumphal Chariot, Band, the fireworks and illuminations..

sbozzetto10The president of Maria SS. Bruna, Domenico Andrisani,announces that, at 12 Wednesday 5 December, at the headquarters of CNA, were received two projects related to the construction of the Triumphal Chariot in honor of Maria SS. Bruna's edition 2014, one of the professional category and the other category of non-professional.

These projects will be evaluated, short, by a special Board of Examiners, as provided by the call of the 16 October 2013. Subsequently, as is tradition, The winning design will be presented to the press in the presence of the Archbishop of Matera-Irsina Mgr. Salvatore Ligorio.

The President of the Association and the Executive Committee are satisfied with the results achieved by recalling that, in the previous edition, not vennepresentato any project by the profession and ensure, without d'ora, their commitment to diligently follow the various stages of the Chariot. The President informs Andrisani, in addition to, that all contracts with the bands have been completed and the complex band, who will perform during the celebrations of Holy Mary of Bruna 2014, are the following: Noicattaro (the 30 June), Lizzano (July 1), Montescaglioso (2 and 3 July), Matera (the 23 June and 2 July also accompanying the Procession of the Shepherds, the 6 July and 21 September for the celebrations in honor of S. Eustachius).

President Andrisani, at last, on the basis of site visits that some renowned companies have made in the city these days, ensures that the lights will "embroidery of light" in a majestic scenery of colors and colorful fireworks will be spectacular, decorative and chromatic and will stage effects involving.

At Last, communicates that has been sent, to over 200 sponsor, a thank you note for their valuable contribution in the edition 2013 the Festival and with which it is hoped to continue with the project of "Walking together" in support of the various initiatives that will be implemented during the year 2014. An important event is Saturday 7 December, when the group Euroband Altamura will enliven the evening of Matera with performance through the streets of downtown pm 17.30 at 20.30 under the program "the Festa della Bruna all year".

Appointed the new Executive Committee

fotoExecutive Committee

There are four components of the new executive committee, appointed in the evening yesterday, following the c.d.a. specially met Piazza V. Veneto.

• Dr.. Bruno Caiella, employed in the bank; has already been a member of the Executive Committee in the year 2013 as treasurer.

• Francesco Paolo Losito, entrepreneur materano, conducted with great professionalism the role of head of marketing year 2012 and as a component in the effective 2013.

• Angelo Linsalata, is an employee ASM, who has worked in the past editions, is the only freshman of the Executive Committee.

• John Santantonio, retired, already chief inspector of the State Police, has actively collaborated with the Presidency Palumbo and was Vice President in the Committee 2011 to the 2013.

Michele Chancellor