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The President of,,it,Maria SS. Association,,it,brings to the attention of the Authorities,,it,of the press and citizenship that,,it,following the competition announcement for the construction of the Triumphal Chariot Year,,it,announced on,,it,within hours,,it,have arrived at the headquarters of the Association n,,it,projects for the Professional Section and n,,it,Three,,it,projects for the NON-professional Section,,it,particularly pleased with the participation,,it,ensures that all submitted projects will soon be subjected to examination and evaluation by the Selection Committee appointed by the Board of Directors of the association,,it,It is expected,,it,that the name of the manufacturer of the Triumphal Chariot Year will be announced within the 2nd decade of December,,it’Associazione Maria SS. Bruna, Dr.. Bruno Caiella, unitamente al Delegato Arcivescovile don Vincenzo Di Lecce e al Comitato Esecutivo, porta a conoscenza delle Autorità, della stampa e della cittadinanza che, a seguito del bando di concorso per la costruzione del Carro Trionfale Anno 2020 indetto il 16.10.2019, entro le ore 12.00 the 2.12.2019 sono pervenuti nella sede operativa dell’Associazione n. 2 (Due) progetti per la Sezione Professionale e n. 3 (Tre) progetti per la Sezione NON professionale.

The President, particolarmente soddisfatto della partecipazione, assicura che a breve tutti i progetti pervenuti saranno sottoposti all’esame e alla valutazione della Commissione giudicatrice nominata dal Consiglio di Amministrazione del sodalizio.

Si prevede, then, che entro la 2^ decade di Dicembre sarà comunicato il nome del costruttore del Carro Trionfale Anno 2020.

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Poets Literary notice in “Party”

poets in “PARTY”


The Association of Mary. Bruna, with the intent to strengthen the sense of belonging to their territory, to their own cultural expressions and to increase and pass on the historical and religious heritage, promotes the IVth edition essay contest poets in “Party”.

Gli interessati potranno chiedere informazioni e/o chiarimenti presso la sede operativa dell’Associazione sita in Matera Piazza Vittorio Veneto, tutti i lunedì, mercoledì e venerdì dei mesi di Gennaio, February, Marzo e Aprile 2017, dalle ore 18.00 at 20.00 oppure telefonando ad Ernestina Soda, al n. 339/1871123.

complete announcement (.pdf): link

Competition for the Chariot 2014

Competition Rules

bando2014CNA e Ass. Maria SS. Bruna

The Association of Mary. Bruna, in collaboration with the National Confederation of Crafts and Small Business, published the Notice of Competition for the realization of the Triumphal Chariot of Bruna.

Projects for the construction of artifact, by theme “The Church bears witness to the Charity”, must be received, or be deposited, at the offices of CNA, Via B. Cross, 21 Matera, no later than noon 12,00 the 5 December 2013.

This is the link for the full reading: ANNOUNCEMENT

Michele Chancellor

Competition for the realization of the Triumphal Chariot ed.2010

bozzaReturn to the competition for the realization of the Triumphal Chariot

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Today Friday 29 January was presented in the conference room of the CNA of Matera, the competition for the realization of the Triumphal Chariot of Bruna for the edition n ° 621 next July.

The intent is certainly to ensure the future of tradition and Matera, while, to bring the interest of all maestraenze, artists and artisans to expand the supply and improve (if possible after the excellent work in the previous edition of the Master Pentasuglia) the artifact of cardboard.

The task of bringing small businesses in the province is entrusted to the offices of secretary of the Confederation crafts, while the deadline for submission of the sketch is the 29 February 2010. The theme chosen by the Curia for the Chariot of this year, on the occasion of the year for Priests declared by Pope Benedict XVI for the 150th anniversary of the death of St. John Vianney (1786 – 1859), is evangelization, the Word, charity.

During the conference, were also discussed initiatives in support of the authors of the next Triumphal Chariot, for safer and adapted the old premises of the lamione Piccianello.

So again the organizers of the Committee of Celebrations, with the intent to ensure this year the famous spectacle of 2 July Materano. Appointment therefore to the month of March to discover the sketch contest winner.