From the Adriatic coast:
• Motorway A14 Bologna – Bari, Bari Nord exit, go to SS. 99 Bari, direction Altamura.
From the south:
• SS 106 Jonica Reggio Calabria – Taranto, output Matera, continue with the SP. 175 Metaponto – Matera.
• A3 RC – SA, output Sybaris, direction Taranto SS. 106 Jonica, output Matera, continue on the SP. 175 Metaponto – Matera.
From the Tyrrhenian:
• A1 Roma Napoli Salerno Reggio Calabria, exit Sicignano,
continue on SS. 407 Basentana, output Matera.
International Airport Bari Palese
• Shuttle Bus – Line Airport Palese (Bari), Matera,
• Train or bus to Bari – Regional lines FAL,
• Taxi or car through the SS. 96.
The nearest station is to Ferrandina (Tyrrhenian),
The station in question is that of Bari (60 Km from Matera)
• Lines Regional Railways Appulo Lucane, Bari Central Station – Matera.
From Rome (450 Km) Every day (Marozzi Bus)
From Turin (1000 Km) Lun-Mer Ven (Marino Bus)
From Milan (940 Km) Every day (Marino Bus)
From Naples (250 Km) Every day. (Smooth Bus)